7 Weird But Adorable Signs You've Found Your Soulmate

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How many times have you imagined meeting your soulmate? Don’t even try to deny it. I bet you’ve conjured a beautiful, heart-stopping, magical moment where you lock eyes and then the world just fades away.

News flash:

Meeting your soulmate doesn’t always happen that way. And while we all want that cute-meet story that we could brag about to everyone who would hear it, sometimes, you meet your soulmate in unexpectedeven unexceptional—ways.

So if you’re still confused whether they’re “the one” or not,  here are 7 weird but (still) adorable signs you’ve met “the one.”


1. You’re not compatible.

We think of a soulmate as someone who “fits” us in every way. That might be true for some, but compatibility isn’t always something soulmates have.

Don’t worry. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, research shows that for the happiest long-term couples, compatibility is a non-issue. 

According to the study’s head researcher, Dr. Ted Hudson of the University of Texas:

“My research shows that there is no difference in the objective compatibility between those couples who are unhappy and those who are happy.”

His longitudinal study suggests that couples simply “made” the relationship work. And their compatibility (or lack thereof) had little to do with it.

Sometimes, your soulmate isn’t someone who flows with you in perfect symmetry. Maybe they annoy you or even infuriate you. But your differences push you to grow and see things from a different perspective.



2. You experience some sort of higher awakening/consciousness.

This is perhaps the weirdest and most confusing feeling we experience when we meet “the one.” But it’s true. They make you see things in a different light. 

However, for a lot of us, awakening to higher consciousness is not a comfortable process. That’s why meeting your soulmate may feel weird to you. 

Psychologist and author Steve Taylor describes awakening as:

“Awakening experiences are moments in which our awareness expands and intensifies. We transcend the worries that normally preoccupy us and feel a sense of elation or serenity. Our perceptions of the world around us become more vivid, and we feel a sense of connection to nature, other human beings or the whole universe in general.”

Maybe you won’t feel a full, out-of-body experience when meeting your soulmate, but definitely something close. It can feel as if everything finally makes sense. Like the puzzles suddenly fit and now you have a deeper understanding of life.


3. You’re not afraid to show the real youeven the gross, unsexy side of you.

And you definitely didn’t need time to “get used” to each other.

When soulmates meet, the connection could be instantaneous. Which means you skip the flowers and small talk and get right down to the real stuff…

And that includes totally letting down your walls and showing the real you - fart jokes and morning boogers included.


4. You don’t need words to communicate.

Another classic sign that you’ve met your soulmate is that you don’t need words to tell what the other one is thinking. You can tell what they’re thinking by the smallest facial nuances and body language.

We experience this subconscious connection with many people in our lives, but none as deeply as with “the one.”

Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Mary Lamia explains:

“In a heightened way, soulmates experience communication at non-verbal as well as verbal levels. Nuances of communication occur through facial expresssion and body language, especially when you are tuned-into another person. At an unconscious level we communicate with others and certainly this is so with a soulmate.”

According to science, this inner dialogue can occur between the rational unconscious of two emotionally connected individuals. 

So don’t be weirded out if you feel completely naked with this person. As if they can see right through you. It’s just the way soulmates are connected to each other.


5. You feel an intense and unreasonable fear.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who is proud of being independent. Perhaps you’re someone who’s been strong their whole life.

But as soon as you meet “the one,” your whole world shifts. Suddenly, you’re enveloped with intense fear. For some people, it’s the fear of losing their soulmate. For others, it’s the fear of opening up and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. It can also be both.


It’s completely normal to feel insecure or afraid. That’s a sign that you have something special. In life, we should always have something we’re afraid to lose because it keeps us working towards something. It keeps us motivated and passionate.

When you meet the one, you may feel an initial fear of losing yourself or your soulmate. But growth is always a painful process. If you take the risk, though, it always pays off.


6. You learn the real meaning of “unconditional love.”

We all talk about unconditional love and how we want it in our lives. But do we really care enough to put the effort to love someone without expecting anything in return?

Perhaps this is the very reason why meeting your soulmate is a rare thing. Because loving someone unconditionally is exhausting and costly. And it goes beyond our selfish desire to be loved just as we love.

But with your soulmate, you’ll finally understand what it means to truly love someone selflessly and unconditionally. Finally, you meet someone you care so deeply for, that there’s no end to the depths you’re willing to go just to make them happy. 


7. You may not always end up with them.

It hurts to think that you may not end up with your soulmate. But the truth is, soulmates don’t always stay in our lives forever.

Sometimes, they only come into our lives when we need them the most. Perhaps it’s to teach us a valuable lesson or to help us grow into our real selves. Maybe they were only meant to stay at a special turning point in our lives.

But that doesn’t mean meeting them is any less meaningful or magical. Love is a complicated and evolving thing. It won’t always stay the same. But it always teaches us something about ourselves. 

So if you meet your soulmate, just open yourself up to the experience. Don’t get too caught up with high expectations of what love should be. Love them and let them love you back. If it ends, don’t grow bitter and close yourself to future happiness.

Just be grateful that you were able to experience true love. Be proud of yourself for genuinely loving someone else and giving them your whole heart. Trust me, not a lot of people can say the same. And who knows? You might be one of the lucky few who get to meet their “forever person.”

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