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What's our story?

How much is each card?

Each sleazy card is a flat $6 or £4.6.

How much is shipping? 

  • USA: $0.99 or free if you are a subscriber to free reminders
  • UK: roughly £9.97

What is your shipping policy?

We carefully ship all orders out within 1-2 business days via USPS after payment is received. If requested, we can send it with a pigeon...maybe.

Can you hand write a personalized message inside and send the card out for us?
Yes! This is one of our many benefits of being a subscriber to our Free Reminder Service. Just send us an email to with what you want to be written inside, it's free.

What is the deal with this Free Reminder Service?

We all have busy schedules and we sometimes forget someone's birthday/anniversary/etc. 
Our Free Reminder Service allows you to never forget those special people in your life. Simply add the names and dates of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. you'd like to be reminded of and *BOOM 7 days before the event, we send you a text or email right to your mobile phone. Within 3 minutes you can have a personalized card sent right out.

Are the packages discreet?
Yes and no. No, envelopes are stamped with our branding if a personalized card is being mailed right out to special someone from us. Yes, all other packages are discreet.

These are just a few small questions that you may have for us. If there are any others, please let us know below.


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Available weekdays, 7am–5pm EST 
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