10 Ways To Build Attraction Over Text With Your Crush

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Quarantine is technically still in effect and since we can’t go out and flirt in-person, our texting skills have never been more crucial to our love lives. If you’re thinking about starting a convo with your crush and want to build attraction over text, then check out these super simple tips!


1. Be suggestive

Developing attraction through text should feel exciting, risky and sort of dangerous. Don’t be afraid to put a suggestive spin on the texts you send. You could say something like “I was watching this movie and the main character totally reminded me of you, except not as sexy”. If you don’t hint at your attraction, your crush might think that you just wanna be friends. 


2. Comment on a recent photo they posted

If you notice that your crush just posted a hot new pic, text them about it! This would be a great way to break the ice and build attraction over text without it seeming forced. Just be like “Just saw your pic, very cute”. Winky face! A great text that builds attraction. 


3. Keep small talk out of it

No one wants to text about work, the weather or how bleak the pandemic is. Save that kind of stuff to fill actual awkward moments, in actual real life. That’s what small talk was designed for, right? Pick something interesting you came across that day and talk about it. Get creative! 


4. Use statements instead of questions

If you’re wanting to build attraction over text with your crush, then make sure you avoid the dreaded Q&A session that most flirty text convos end up turning into. You don’t want your crush to feel like they have to respond to you because you asked a question, you definitely want to know that they’re responding because they actually like you! Open your convo with some piece of news that happened to you that day or a realization or...just confess your love already!


5. Be sporadic

Ever heard the term “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? If your aim is to build attraction over text, then you want to be a little “unexpected” with when and how often you contact your crush. Your crush should never get used to the time of day you text them. Be a little...mysterious. Text in the morning one day, then in the evening the next. It will get them wondering what you’re doing and when you will text them next. 


6. Keep it short

Save the long, in-depth conversations for your eventual date. Getting too “lengthy” with your texts might turn your crush off from responding in the future because they know it’s going to be a lot of “work” to read and respond. Texting should be short, sweet and low-pressure. Think quality over quantity when it comes to building attraction over text.


7. Use ALL the flirty emojis

There is power in the emoji. If you know you’re not smooth with words, just add a heart emoji at the end of your text, your crush will get the message loud and clear plus it’s a super easy way to instantly build attraction over text. 


8. Keep it lighthearted

Try not to talk about “heavy” things that are stressing you out when trying to build attraction over text. It might be tempting to bond over the disdain you have over the rain...or the pandemic, but it’s just going to put a damper on the convo and maybe even end it prematurely. You want your crush to associate you with feeling good. So like Pavlov’s dog, make sure you reward your crush by giving them lots to smile about!


9. Don’t open with “hey”

Not only do you risk the chance of your crush not responding when you open with this 3-letter word, it also kinda shows them how little thought and effort you’re planning on putting into the conversation. You want them to know you’re attracted to them from the very first text.


10. Bring up a detail you remembered about them

Look back to all the interactions you’ve had with this person and use those details as a basis for your opening text. Maybe you noticed they were carrying a coffee cup from a specific coffee shop, or maybe they were wearing a certain color. Mention that detail (in a non-creepy way!) in your convo. It will make them realize how much you’re into them.



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