10 Best Places to Buy Funny Greeting Cards Online

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You can find everything on the internet, but sometimes all those options make it hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re on a search for the perfect greeting card you may be faced with thousands of results. This list can help you narrow down those choices to ten of the best websites that offer cards relating to anything from birthdays to anniversaries and get well soon cards. Besides a list of sites, this article also includes some examples of what you can find on each to make your hunt for a card just that much easier. 

1. Sleazy Greetings 

Sleazy Greetings specializes in funny greeting cards and have one for any occasion. As explained in their mission statement “We will bring greeting cards featuring sassy personas and vulgar language to market. Instead of sending your close friends a cliché and stale ‘Happy Birthday’ card, you can deliver a memorable experience with a classy ‘Happy Birthday yah b**ch’ on a quality piece of folded parchment,” and they do not disappoint. Whether you’re looking for punny humor or a dirty card for your significant other, this would be the website to check out. 

For the next Father’s Day, give this card to your husband and the father of your child to remind him exactly why you have a kid together… 

Purchase the D.I.L.F. card for $4.99. 

…Or maybe it’s your coworkers' final day (perhaps even your boss’s so this is your time to jab at his age without repercussion), this funny retirement card is sure to make them laugh…

Purchase the Bingo and the Smell of Piss card for $4.99. 

… And everyone loves a good Lion King reference so why not give this to your friend’s who are expecting. 

Purchase the Circle of Life card for $4.99. 

2. Thortful

Thortful is a website that offers a wide-range of greeting cards compiled by hundreds of content creators working together to give you the best options available. They describe themselves as “​​ fueled by caffeine, passionate about the product we are building and have a shared vision of making the world a more thortful place” which can be seen in the quality products they offer. 

A good pun always makes for a funny greeting card and this cute Crêpe definitely helps … 

Crêpe'd up on you Birthday card created by All The Best

Purchase the Crêpe'd Up On You Birthday card for $4.02. 

… While this card takes a dirtier turn with a play on words perfect for an anniversary…

Let's Bang Anniversary Card created by Kyleigh Orlebar

Purchase the Let’s Bang Anniversary Card for $4.02. 

… Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more straight to the point for someone panicking about their finals in college. This card can give them the wake-up call they need to get their s*** together. 

Exams card created by Lauren Goodland

Purchase the Shit Together Card for $4.02. 

3. Noble Works

Noble Works is another great choice when looking for a website that offers a variety of funny greeting cards. Besides humor, their greeting cards also consist of great memes, art and other illustrations that work together to land the joke. 

This card could be given to a student or maybe a friend that is becoming a teacher. Either way, a funny card for those in difficult fields who have definitely considered the option once or twice…

Funny Birthday Paper Greeting Card from NobleWorksCards.com - I'll be a Stripper

Purchase the I’ll Be A Stripper Card for $4.95. 

… Maybe you’re looking for a Halloween card in which case this would be for you. A perfect balance of humor and scary witches, plus the Hansel & Gretel vibes are perfect for a Halloween theme… 

Hilarious Halloween Printed Greeting Card by Martin Bucella from NobleWorksCards.com - Witch Kids Meals

Purchase the Witch Kids Meals Card for $4.95. 

… Or if you’re looking to poke fun at your friend after a surgery, this is a better option than a simple “Get Well Soon” card. Hopefully their laughter doesn’t bust their stitches. 

Hysterical Get Well Paper Greeting Card by Dave Coverly from NobleWorksCards.com - Horse Hip Replacement

Purchase the Horse Hip Replacement Card for $4.95. 

4. Modern Wit Inc 

Modern Wit Inc is an Etsy shop run by Jennifer out of Elburn, Illinois that offers funny greeting cards with a simplistic feel. Without illustrations, these cards give a laugh with just a few words. 

Every parent can understand the appreciation and awe they feel for a teacher who looks after a whole class of children. You can express that with this card…

Teacher Thank You Card Teacher Appreciation Card Teacher image 1 

Purchase this Teacher Thank You Card for $5.50. 

… Or maybe you’re a daughter who wants to remind your mother of just how special you are…

Mothers Day Card Funny Mothers Day Card From Daughter Happy image 1

Purchase this Mothers Day Card for $5.50.

… Or maybe even remind your best friend on his or her birthday of why you have been friends for so long. 

Funny Birthday Card For Best Friend Best Friend Card image 1

Purchase this Best Friend Card for $5.50.

5. Pretty Alright Goods

If you’re looking for a funny greeting card that has the same humor and look of the “Cards Against Humanity” card game, then look no further. Pretty Alright Goods is another site that offers humor with just words. 

Perfect for an anniversary or birthday, remind your significant other of why you are no longer single…

Purchase the Tinder Swiping Love Card for $5.50. 

…Or even remind them of how old they are…

Purchase the Hard Candies Card for $5.50. 

… Or if you’re looking for a blunt Christmas card and a life lesson in one, here it is. 

Purchase the Holly Jolly Card for $5.50.  

6. Punch Bowl


Punch Bowl offers a variety of greeting cards and invitations for any occasion. These cards are different from others within this list because they are solely electronic cards. Perfect for any you need to deliver quickly or those you cannot give in person, and the customization options make them a perfect choice. Decide between three different monthly subscriptions and send cards freely whenever an occasion arises. 

Whether it’s a significant other, friend or family, this electronic card can serve as a great reminder of how much they mean to you…

… Or maybe you need a funny card for sending a wedding invite while simultaneously foreshadowing the drinking that will occur… 


7. Expressive Shades

Expressive Shades  is an England-based company whose purpose is to have funny greeting cards that can relate to those who may not find their culture represented in your local convenience store. Their mission statement says  “to us at Expressive Shades, it is more than just having cards that reflect us and those we are sending them to; It is about having a full range of quality greeting cards that represent us, our culture and our experience.”

Maybe you’re looking for a card that expresses your love by referencing traditional meals you may share together…

I Like You A Bit Greeting Card 

Purchase the I Like You A Bit card for $4. 

… Or maybe poking fun at your friend’s relationship status when sending an invite to a night out…

Night Out Application - Expressive Shades

Purchase the Night Out Application for $3. 

… Or lastly a funny greeting card over Christmas break which supports an inclusive environment.

Let It Fro - Expressive Shades

Purchase the Let It Fro card for $4. 

8. Some E-cards

Need another option for a quick funny greeting card that you need in a pinch? Some Ecards have you covered. They are not only non-traditional in the form of online E-cards, but also consist of memes rather than the expected foldable card. Quick, to the point and sure to get a laugh. 

Whether you’re sending this with your RSVP or an actual apology after the wedding, this is definitely the card to make the groom nervous…

Sorry my wedding toast ruined your honeymoon

… Or maybe you want to congratulate your friend or family member on their intelligence and successful graduation… 

Congratulations on graduating from a school that didn't ask Snooki to be its commencement speaker

… Or maybe a thank you card that isn’t a cliché which you send on the way to the store to return a gift. 

Thanks for getting me a gift I don't actually have to return


9. Spicy Card Studios

Another Etsy shop, Spicy Card Studios run by Lola out of Ontario Canada provides funny greeting cards with minimalist art. She has options for any occasion that are sure to meet your needs.

Looking for a birthday card that relates to modern music while also making the reader laugh?...

Funny Birthday Card image 1

Purchase this card for $6.82. 

…Or maybe a too honest Christmas card for that one friend who drinks too much on holidays…

Funny Christmas card  Holiday card image 1

Purchase this card for $6.82. 

…Or the even more honest birthday card to let your friend know you only came for the cake. 

Funny Birthday Card image 1

Purchase this card for $6.82. 


10. Paper Source

Last on this list is Paper Source, which offers many unique options for funny greeting cards. Like many others on this list, they cover an assortment of occasions that make choosing a card simple and easy.  

Whether it’s an invitation to a bridal shower that is sure to look pretty but also make a mess…

Purchase the Confettigram Bubbly Bride Wedding Card for $9.50. 


… Or a card to give your best friend if you both find yourself single on Valentine’s Day… 

Purchase the Eating Our Feelings Card for $6.50. 

… Or a fun and interactive congratulations card to give someone when they graduated or finally got that job they’ve been waiting to hear back from. 

Purchase the Scratch Off Magic 8 Ball Congratulations Card for $7.50.

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