10 Birthday Gifts For Your Husband That Will Make Him Excited

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Getting a birthday present for the person you’re married to should be easy. You spend time with them every day, know their interests, have heard them talk about something they want, or even more likely, know what they need even before they do. However, if you’re feeling stuck or maybe feel like you’ve already given them all you can think of on prior birthdays, this list is here to help you. These ten options provide unique ideas for birthday presents that your husband is sure to enjoy! Ranging from crafts, decor, tools or some fun in the bedroom, there is something for everyone. 

1. Custom-Made Couples Spotify Plaque 

The steps to this present are simple. Choose a favorite photo of the two of you, a favorite song and then get this aesthetically pleasing plaque delivered to your door. The song can be anything; your wedding song, one the two of you can’t help but sing in the car when it comes on the radio or any other that has a sentimental meaning to the two of you. In addition to a picture this plaque includes a QR code they can easily scan to play the song when they’re missing you! A perfect choice if you want to let your husband know how much you mean to them on their birthday. 


Purchase the Custom Music Plaque at Three Memory on Etsy for $18.99.


2. Craft Beer Subscription

If they’ve jumped on the craft beer bandwagon then this would be a great choice for them! This monthly subscription includes twelve craft beers from around the United States that get delivered to your door. Each order come with beer from two different breweries and two different styles from each. You can choose to do a monthly delivery, every other month or even quarterly. Let them enjoy the hidden gems of different states from the comfort of their own home, a gift any beer lover would enjoy!    

Purchase the Craft Beer Club Membership for $46.75/month. 


3. Personalized Beer Stein

Although the lid of a beer stein was originally created during the times of the bubonic plague and for other sanitary reasons, now it adds a little something extra to an other wise plain beer mug. Whether he wants to feel like a Viking, likes the look of beer steins or just wants to keep those pesky flies out of his beverage, this would be the perfect present for any beer-drinker. Plus, besides the cool style it can also be customized to include an engraving of their name!

Purchase the Oakhill Personalized Beer Stein at Home Wet Bar for $59.95. 


4. A License Plate Scratch Off Map

If your husband travels around the United States for work or whether the two of you find yourselves on road trips quite often, this interactive present is a perfect choice! With every new state reached, scratch off the perimeter to reveal what lies underneath and watch the grey turn into a work of art that can be hung up on the wall. If your husband is a fan of cars the license plates are an excellent pick! However, you can also choose from scenic locations within the state or even National Parks and feel the satisfaction when you reached the goal of every state! 

Purchase the License Plate Scratch Off Map at Destination Scratched on Etsy for $20. 


5. Personalized Knife

If your husband is the type that always carries a handy knife on him, why not get him a beautifully crafted and personalized one as a present! Blade Point Edge offers a variety of handle colors, blades as well as personalization options when it comes to initials, names or symbols. 

Purchase the Personalized Knife at Blade Point Edge on Etsy for $27.74. 


6. MLB Game Used Bat Bottle Opener

Beer and sports go hand in hand, which can also be seen in this next option! Get your husband this bottle opener that was repurposed from a game-used bat from his favorite team! If he’s not necessarily a baseball fan, similar options are available from the site that are made from football stadium seats as well as game-used hockey pucks. He’ll love having a connection to his team while cracking open a cold one and sitting down to watch the game!

Purchase MLB Game Used Bat Bottle Opener at Uncommon Goods for $115. 


7. Hot Sauce Kit

If he’s the type that puts hot sauce on everything then he’ll really get a kick out of this present. Watch him transform into a mad scientist in the kitchen as he experiments with different peppers, spices and herbs to create his own ultimate concoction. It comes with a variety of different ingredients depending on the size of the package you choose, as well as bottles and labels so he can store and re-use his creations!


Purchase the Hot Sauce Kit on Amazon for $48.95. 


8. The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge Company prides themselves in bringing spontaneity into couples’ lives. When you’re stuck on what to do for a date, where to eat or looking to try something new in the bedroom, they have you covered! Just open the book, scratch off a square and see what it suggests for the two of you. You can buy just one (Couples Edition $49.99, …In Bed $49.99 or Dinner Dates $39.99) or pair them up for extra fun! Available as a Naughty & Nice Bundle (Couples Edition and …In Bed) for $84.98 or the Ultimate Couples Bundle which includes all three for $119.97. There’s more time for fun if someone (or something) makes the decisions for you!

Purchase the Naughty & Nice Bundle at The Adventure Challenge for $84.98. 


9. Sleazy Greetings Naughty Birthday Card

Maybe you don’t want to commit to a full subscription or want to add a little spice to a gift you have already purchased. This scratch-off birthday card is a perfect addition that is sure to make him laugh as he’s opening presents. He might even have to take a little break *wink*. 

Purchase the Sleazy Greetings Scratch Off Card on Amazon for $5.95. 


10. Sexy Truth-Or-Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Similar to the “…In Bed” book by The Adventure Challenge, this Sexy Truth or Dare is another great risqué option that is fun for the both of you! Learn more about your partner with the truth sticks or have some naughty fun with the dares! This adult version of a childhood classic is certain to liven up a night of staying in! 

Purchase the Sexy Truth-Or-Dare on Amazon for $14.95. 



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