How Humor Builds A Stronger Relationship With Your Partner

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There’s a reason the age-old saying laughter is the best medicine is so prevalent. It’s scientifically true. Humor can reduce stress, boost your mood, and give you thicker skin. 

It makes sense that humor is also the secret ingredient of a successful relationship. 

Aside from a good sense of humor being attractive, it can help more introverted partners open up and feel less awkward. Laughter and humor is the spice of relationships because it keeps things exciting and new. 

You’ll also find it’s easier to get over minor disagreements and conflicts. 

Oh yeah, and those annoying little habits your SO has, yeah with a slight joke, everyone can blow of steam without becoming aggravated. 

Humor Defuses Conflict

Arguments and verbal disagreements are part of a relationship. So, get over it and learn to suck it up. When you’re in a relationship, there’s a very strong chance you’re not always going to be right. 

Petty fights that build up over time or small outbursts on the daily over something stupid, however, your disagreement manifests, learning how to manage conflict within your relationship is skill numero uno that you need to learn.

Being easygoing and playful doesn’t mean that you’re weak or that you should be taken for granted. What laughter and humor can do is diffuse a situation and bring back that connection you two have.

From tension to a trip to the bedroom, humor is a great way to turn the bad into good. 

Humor Can Boost Libido and Arousal

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, women have the upper hand. Science says women who have funny partners are more likely to both initiate sex as well as enjoy more intense orgasms.

Who do you think would be more attractive? A person petrified of saying anything out of fear of being rejected or laughed at, or a down-to-earth person who knows how to take a joke?

If you chose the latter, you’re catching on! There’s nothing sexy about someone afraid of opening up out of fear of being laughed at.

Finding a partner that you can both laugh with and at can extend the lifetime of your relationship. 

Rough Times Become Easier

Even if your relationship is on-point and you guys are on a whole different level than everyone else, there are times where life may not swing in your direction. 

When one (or both) of you hit a rough patch and life dishes you a not-so-great helping of bullsh*it, learning to laugh together can truly brighten even the darkest days.

Sure, you may have an endless sea of student debt, but finding a way to make light, or laugh, at the situation with your loved one can take the edge out of the stinging.

Laughter Reduces Stress Levels

Basically, every study revolving around laughter and stress reduction says that humor is effective. It reduces levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Here’s one study to wet your taste buds.

Stress from work, school, building a family, and saving for that next big step in life will always be around. Might as well live life and combat stress with a partner who understands exactly how you feel.

Find a way to joke the next time you have to pay that credit card bill. Or, simply put on your favorite stand-up comedian after a particularly stressful day at work.

In Summary

You don’t have to be the face of late-night TV or Comedy Central’s next big name is a comedy to bring humor into your relationship. 

You and your partner should find humor in the everyday moments that make up your life. 

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