Best Weed Strains for Sex: 5 Strains for a Mind-Blowing Valentines Day

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Cannabis and herbal remedies to enhance sexual prowess is woven in to the fabric of our history. If we choose to disregard mysticism and myth looking solely at science, you’ll see that cannabis may play a significant role in libido, orgasm, and libido.

The fact is we are all equipped with an endocannabinoid system that monitors, regulates and protects vital systems in our body- including ones that play a role in our sex drive. 

Cannabis is known to help reduce feelings of anxiousness and promote body-balance. So, why not take a puff, relax for once, and let the good times roll. 

Honestly, the worst thing that could happen to you is your mouth could get a little dry. In which case, keep a bottle of water on standby. You can thank me later.


Different Strains for Different Strokes

Because we are all equipped with an ECS, our experience with cannabis is unique. We don’t have enough evidence to say for sure, but it seems that certain strains affect different genders.

For example, Sour Diesel is said to enhance male libido significantly, while a sativa dominant strain like Trinity may be more beneficial for female consumers.

Sativa dominant cannabis strains are known for their energetic cerebral effects, an indica dominant strains are known for their relaxing, euphoric effects that help calm the body and silence mental chatter.

For Her Pleasure

While we are just at the tip of the iceberg regarding cannabis scientific research we do have some renowned doctors and scientists pioneering the way. Both this study and this study are one of the first studies done aimed at how cannabis affects female sexual libido.

Jack the Ripper

This sativa strain has a moderate THC level that tops out around 19%. It is known to be a powerful strain with uplifting and energetic effects. Users also say they feel more alert and able to focus. Jack the Ripper won’t leave you lying couch-locked dazed and confused. It definitely packs a cerebral punch that can motivate both recreational and medical cannabis consumers.


This strain smells like a grove of oranges. If the citrusy sweet smell of Tangie isn’t enough to get you going, well, that’s a sad thing to think. Because Tangie has strong cerebral effects, most users report feeling giggly, happy, and snuggly after consumption. 

Uplifting and energetic effects go hand in hand with sativa strain like this, so there’s no need to be concerned about feeling sedated as the high carries on.

Island Sweet Skunk

Almost everyone who has tried this strain to enhance their libido says they feel euphoric, energetic and happy after they indulge. Feeling relaxed enough to not worry, but not sedated enough to feel sleepy, this fruity sativa strain is perfect for both daytime and nighttime adventures!

Colombian Gold

Feeling motivated, uplifted, and active without feeling overwhelmed for anxious is what Columbian Gold is known for. For those that don’t have a degree in Weed History 101, this strain is one of the parental strains that created the infamous sativa strain Skunk #1. 

You’re probably sitting there all like: So, what does that have to do with sex? Well buddy, let’s just say science gives Skunk #1 credit for boosting arousal, libido and orgasm in a clinical study.

Durban Poison

This strain has been around since the late 1970s. No wonder why everybody was makin’ love in the back of their Volkswagons. It’s got an array of beneficial cannabinoids like CBN and CBD along with a potent THC content of 25%.

Caution: New users tread lightly, this strain hits hard. Melt away any date-night jitters with a single puff of this strain. 

For those that have a fear of gettin’ down with the lights on, try Durban Poison, wait a few minutes, and see how you magically seem to just don’t give a f*ck about it any more. 

Cannabis In A Nutshell

Cannabis works with your body’s own built-in system called the ECS. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD act on the same receptors that your body has called CB1 and CB2 receptors. Science literally says cannabis affects sexual orgasm, libido, and arousal.

Find a sativa-dominant hybrid, get comfortable, and watch how simple it becomes to enjoy life and spend time with your loved one.

Stoner Couple’s Advice: An unspoken rule when your partner is upset is “ I don’t want to speak to you, but I will blaze with you.”

So cannabis can increase your sex drive, reduce feelings of anxiousness, and it can also aid in relationship issues. Have fun experimenting, and as always, stay lifted!

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