3 Naughty Ways to Surprise Your Man in Bed

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Are things in the bedroom a bit lax? Are you running out of ideas to keep the passion aflame? Like many long-term couples, you might have noticed your sex life waxes and wanes much like the moon.

Okay, well, if you admit it. It’s easy to say you’re 100% all the time, but actually being it? That’s a different story. Statistically, you’re bound to have a night where someone wants to do it and the other is too tired.

Sex can get a little boring when you’re a couple that’s known each other for years. Chances are, you’ve probably explored every inch of their body (and if you haven’t, you don’t need new ways, go work on your old ones). The same tactics, the same turn-ons. We start to go for what works, rather than “how can I make you feel even better”.

So, to kick start and breathe some new life into the usual routine, here’s three naughty ways to surprise your man in bed.


1. Cold is Hot

Here is a very cheap way to surprise him. Now, keep in mind, not all guys are turned on to this. Grab a medium-sized ice cube from the freezer. Now, this is all going to have to be done pretty quickly, seeing as ice melts, especially once you pop it into your mouth.

That’s right. We’re using the ice during a bj. So, you’ll definitely want to make sure you don’t get too big of an ice cube because you’ll have a hell of a time trying to cram both that and a dick in your mouth. Also, doesn’t really present the most flattering image.

So, from that point, your lips are already cold, so you’ll be able to tell if he likes it before you start going to town with the ice cube in your mouth. The combination of your hot breath and that cool ice is going to drive him wild!


2. Blindfold

Okay, so this is pretty basic, but there are so many things that can take place when using a blindfold. So, don’t underestimate it if it’s not the norm in your bedroom routine.

A blindfold is like the most basic step in exploring BDSM. Think of it as a baby step. They can be a ton of fun because once you take away one of the senses, the other senses become stronger. He’ll feel touch more intensely, which means he’ll be way more turned on. He won’t be able to see what you’re doing, which makes the anticipation altogether more exciting.


3. Tightening Cream

This is my personal favorite, because it’s always really fun to notice his reaction. He’ll know something’s different, but he won’t exactly say what it is. He’ll either enthuse about how good it was with emphasis, or he’ll be like, wow that felt different.

Let’s face it, not all of us women have virgin-tight vaginas. It’s a fact of life. Age causes the vagina to lose elasticity, and kids don’t help. Most of us women are not as tight as we once were. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of girls that have no impact.

But for those of us who weren’t graced with that gift, a tightening cream can be really fun. Tightening creams are used to temporarily shrink the walls of the vagina, making you feel tighter and him seem bigger. There’s something for everyone, if that’s your thing.

There’s a lot of tightening creams out there and I do want to warn you to be careful with brands. I got one from a Christie’s Toy Box once and I swear it made my vag seal shut for like three days. Awful. Never again.

The one I use is Pure Romance’s Like a Virgin 24 hr tightener. And that’s not to plug in a business, but that is an adult company I stand by because I used to be a consultant. I can’t speak for other brands of tighteners, but this one I can tell you is safe and it works.

So, there you have it: 3 naughty ways to surprise your man in bed. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post this week.  There are plenty of naughty ways to keep your relationship hot and unpredictable.

Since this post was geared more for couples, I’m going to let you single gals in on a great book to check out. Now, women in relationships can utilize these, but I personally feel like it’s geared for single women.

The Naughty Girl Playbook has a bunch of ways to teach you how to have that naughty attitude that’ll keep a guy coming back for more! It’s an excellent read and a ton of fun.

With that being said, stay golden and stay naughty!

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