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This hilarious card is perfect as a dirty anniversary card, dirty Valentine's Day card, or naughty birthday card surprise for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, significant other, or fiance. Featuring two furry bunnies clapping cheeks, make your loved one laugh and invite 'em for some nocturnal physical activities. *Wink wink* Made from sturdy card stock and coated with a matte finish, this card offers a beautiful texture and high-quality feel.

- Writing on inside says, "You're the best."
- A7 size (5" x 7")
- Printed in Montana, USA onto a paper matte stock.
- Comes with a matching kraft envelope made from 30% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper

Greeting cards featuring sassy personas and vulgar language.

We've all been there, standing in the convenience store aisle searching the shelves for a card that represents the f#*ked up relationship you have with your best friend, partner, family member, or fellow co-worker.

One August day in 2017, our founder and owner, Nathaniel Treichler, was in the same situation. Out of the hundreds available, he couldn't find a suitable birthday card for his brother. This lead to the birth of Sleazy Greetings, a greeting card brand committed to producing strictly unprofessional cards.

"We will bring greeting cards featuring sassy personas and vulgar language to market. Instead of sending your close friends a clique and stale "Happy Birthday" card, you can deliver a memorable experience with a classy "Happy Birthday yah b**ch" on a quality piece of folded parchment." ~ Nathaniel, May 4th on Facebook

Our Cards

Later into the Spring of 2018, we finally started designing our first line of cards with the artistic help of our chief designer, Tyra Berta.

Our production took months—mostly to find a suitable manufacturer that met our standards. Finally, we found our soulmate, an environmentally friendly manufacturer out of North Carolina, USA. All of our stationery products are made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper and printed with water soy-based inks. You can basically eat them...but please don't.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to make people smile and bring happiness to thousands. We put the inside jokes, spontaneous phrases, and emotions that spark laughter within your every-day-relationships into the development of these cards.


Contact Us

Send us an email.

Available weekdays, 7am–5pm EST 
Email: nate@sleazygreetings.com
Tweet: @SleazyGreetings

For press inquiries, please contact nate@sleazygreetings.com.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I couldn’t help but get this card when I saw it. My husband loved it! Card quality is really nice. I’ll definitely purchase from here again.


My husband loved his card! He loved that it was funny and dirty. I’ll definitely get him more randomly.


I love cards that match my sense of humor and this card nails it. (Pun not intentional but I'll just roll with it). The quality of this card is amazing. It's clear, no blurs, which was a concern when I ordered because I've gotten cards in the past from other companies where it was printed funny. I'm giving this card to my fiance on Valentine's Day and I know he's going to freakin love it. The personal note on the packing slip from Nate was a nice touch :) I'll be ordering all future "adult" cards from Sleazy Greetings from here out.